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Join Us to Write Your Own Lullaby!

Our Songwriting Sessions are Where the Magic Happens

Registration for our Fall 2023 Cycle is closed. 

Interested in seeing what it's all about? 

RSVP for the FREE Celebration Concert on November 4th below!

How is a Cycle structured? 

Each Lullaby Project Cycle consists of a set of three consecutive weekends.  Teachings artists and all parents will be present for the entirety of the Cycle, and snacks will be provided:)


Weekend One: Songwriting Session (2.5 hours)

Weekend Two: Songwriting Session (2.5 hours)

Weekend Three: Celebration Concert

*structure and timing subject to change depending on location and partner organization

How do the Sessions work? 

Songwriting sessions are a mix of group and individual work. Each session includes an opening group warm up, time for one on one songwriting with your musician, and a chance for group reflection.


Parents and caregivers will be provided with all necessary materials, and teaching artists' main priority is to create a warm and welcoming environment. 


Sessions will be held fully in-person or fully remote depending on the situation of the parent-partners.

Please visit our FAQ page for more information. 

What is the Celebration Concert?

This is the time to celebrate your lullabies with a song circle where everyone gets to share their songs, backed by their very own combo of musicians. We’ll have finger foods and lots of fun!

Check out the video below from our Fall 2022 sessions to get a taste of what the celebration concert is like.


Sparing details, LJ had a unique entry into the world back in August. It's been tough to process for mom and dad. The amazing Pittsburgh medical world led me to a really cool prescription-alternative therapy with the first Lullaby Project Pittsburgh. I was part of a small group of birth trauma mammas who were each paired with some insanely talented Carnegie Mellon students to process feelings/emotions and compose a lullaby to our little ones. We learned about the healing power of music and got to experience it firsthand through this project.

Sammy, Fall '22

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